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Gratitude Journal

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The Note of Thank Yous is a gratitude journal designed for you to ​shift into happiness​ every single day. It has transformed the lives of many people. And we believe it will make a positive impact on your life too.

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Note Of Thank Yous

Today’s digital world grabs your attention away from you and towards the seemingly polished life of your social media friends. But do you know how your life would change if you divert even a fraction of that attention back to you? When you ​put the spotlight back on you ​instead of others? We want to empower you to do just that with the Note of Thank Yous.

“The Note of Thank Yous helps you —every single day— to exemplify the happiness that you wish for this world.”

Invest In Your Happiness

Tiny steps like these make a big difference. A gratitude journal. A morning routine. A gradual shift into a new, happier you. As life invites you to play with its rather quirky twists and turns, your habit of gratitude protects you from being lost. It ​restores your inner GPS​ by connecting you to your core happy self.

Note of Thank Yous is a gratitude journal that’s custom made with love for your happiness.

The Note of Thank Yous makes it easy for you to add gratitude to your morning and evening routine. It also makes for a wonderful gift to your friends and family for their birthdays and other occasions.

Let the Note of Thank Yous overflow with the real stories of you and your loved ones – the happy what-ifs, the funny realizations, the thoughtful gifts, the warm hugs and cozy sleepovers.

Go through those pages in a year and be amazed at how incredibly nice your life actually is.

And witness the compound effects it has on your productivity, your career and your relationships.


  • Smooth, high quality paper
  • Beautifully bound
  • 200 pages (100 sheets) for tracking daily gratitude
  • Features the daily prompt “Today I am Grateful For…”, “People I’m Grateful in My Life…”, “Daily To-Do’s”
  • Cover: unique battleship grey leather wrapped with hot stamping without colour foil
  • Great size – can easily fit into a purse or tote bag
  • Great gift for all occasion
  • Binding: Professional grade binding (retail standard)
  • Designed and crafted with love in Malaysia and Ukraine.

Product Details:

Width: ​20.32 cm
Length: ​12.70 cm
Weight: ​200 g
Pages: ​200

Shipping Details:

Please allow 1 business day to fulfill your order within Malaysia and 14 days outside of Malaysia. Each Note of Thank Yous comes sealed and well packaged for safe delivery.

Note of Thank Yous Gratitude Journal First Page
Note of Thank Yous Gratitude Journal close up

Additional information

Weight .2 g
Dimensions 12.70 × 20.32 cm

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  1. Pravina Chetty (verified owner)

    I love this little book. Before I got it I thought that I didn’t need a special book for gratitude, I thought that any notebook would do. However since I got my Note of Thanks I have written in it everyday! It’s a fantastic reminder to practice gratitude daily.

    Pravina Chetty, South Africa

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