HR Atlas: A Roadmap to Healthy Organisation For Start-ups, Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

This book is for Human Resources (HR) Managers, Team Leaders, CEOs and Founders of start-ups, small and mid-sized companies. It’s for those who want to create a business that’s congruent with their values and purpose and lead their people with love. You’ll find practical methods and insights you can use to build a strong HR department and culture in your company and my wish is for you to take what you learn here and use it to build a business that will continue to thrive for centuries to come.

The long-term success of your business depends on the strength and well-being of your team, how you communicate with them, how you operate as a company as well as the strength of your company culture including your company purpose and values. In other words, the success and survival of your business in the years to come depends on just one thing…organizational health.

What Readers Say About The Book

I started reading your book and I enjoy it. 🙂 I agree with you about formulating competencies and being clear about it on the onset as you look and build your team. Looking forward for more insights.

(Jazel C., Business Consultant)

I have recently read your book and it’s one of the greatest book, which I came across with must-know insights.

– you have talked about managing teams
– being a great manager
– how not to micromanage
– the actual role of HR in a company
– how you keep the team happy and their needs
– the people are biggest asset of your company
– a lot about role of leaders in a company
– when you need to let go of people.

Thanks for writing and sharing this knowledge!

(Tarun R., Co-Founder and Head of Marketing)

I admire your values and principles you build a team by. I’ve got my copy and am super excited to read it! Love that you start with hiring top performers.

(Lesya A., Founder and CEO)

I think it’s fantastic so far. I work in IT, so I appreciate the detailed and explicit instruction – I was especially impressed with the detail on how long to spend on certain interviews, depending on the level of the position. I love the thought of being in HR and it’s giving me a realistic idea of what’s involved so I’m really grateful for that. I don’t particularly enjoy IT so hope to make a career change into the world of Human Resources at some point and I can see me keeping it by my side as I do.

(Christopher R., IT Services Manager)

The book is very good and insightful. Learnt about company culture, how to be a better HR and much more! Definitely a good read! Will recommend my HR friends to read this book.

(Siau Yen Y., People Services Specialist)

HR Atlas features practical knowledge on structuring an HR/Talent Acquisition function and speaks to employees at all levels of the organization. It’s the perfect combination of holistic recommendations and best practices for leaders at small-mid sized companies.

(Rohit S., Talent Acquisition Specialist)

I’m not in the HR field, but I do feel that all managers shall be reading this book too. Retaining new hires or employees is not only HR’s job.

(Junnie C., Community Manager)

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