Hello, My name is
Marta Kondryn.

My name is Marta Kondryn, and I’m a people and culture enthusiast, sustainability lifestyle enthusiast and personal development student.

I have multiple passions in life ranging from turning organisations into heart-centered places with strong high performance culture, to reading, sustainability and personal transformation. 

One of the most transformational personal practices that I use in my life is the practice of journaling, and in particular expressing gratitude on my journal’s pages. It helps me to see my life from another perspective, appreciate little things and feel the blessings. I was always searching for the notebook that will be both practical and inspiring to record my thoughts and gratitude. After some time, I decided instead to create of what could be the most ideal notebook for me, and share it with the world. So here it is, explore it, and I hope it will serve you with love.

This site is born out of love. Love for people, animals, planet and the ground we live on.

Some of my ideas can be found here:

Playbook for Modern Communities | Marta Kondryn | TEDxUniversityofMalaya

My Quest To Build Heart Centered Organisations | Marta Kondryn


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